Research Services

Riley Research is a full service market research and consulting firm. We can help you through every stage of your research project, from conception to execution to delivery.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Sampling and Methodology Design – we’ll help you identify and target the most valuable audience for your goals, and the most effective way to reach them.
  • Questionnaire Development – Using our Eliciting clear and actionable answers requires an expertly crafted, efficient and effective questionnaire. Using our expertise, we’ll craft a questionnaire that meets your goals.
  • Survey Execution – Whatever the methodology you choose, we will execute an efficient, productive data collection process. We have professional in-house staff that conduct telephone surveys and recruit participants for focus groups, and we work closely in our office to ensure that every project gets personal attention.
  • Focus Group Moderation – We are experienced moderators, who know how to elicit responses from all members of a focus group, probe issues in-depth, and keep the conversation flowing.
  • Data Analysis – Once the survey is completed, we analyze the data and find the significant results that will provide useful and actionable information for you.
  • Reporting – A clear and concise report will be written to provide a clear understanding of the results. Our style avoids research jargon, while providing information in a straightforward fashion, in order to provide you with actionable, results and recommendations.