Market research is both an art and a science, providing for an objective, systematic collection of data. While it has been applied for hundreds of years, the scientific methods have been perfected over the last several decades, to measure and assess satisfaction levels, preferences, behaviors, and habits.

Superior knowledge also comes from innovative and creative methods for researching difficult audiences and approaching challenging issues.

As markets become more competitive, good, innovative market research provides a sharp advantage over the competition, giving you insights into both current and potential consumers, helping you position yourself competitively, and allowing you to efficiently use your resources when promoting, developing, or unveiling a new product or service.

While there are many methodologies, the ultimate goals of research are constant:

  • Measure awareness, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors
  • Set a baseline or track changes over time
  • Determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Test concepts, messaging, and new products and services

Research findings can be applied to:

  • Strategic planning of campaigns
  • Tactical implementation
    *  Media
    *  Messages
  • Tracking changes
    *  Awareness
    *  Perceptions
    *  Intentions
    *  Behaviors

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