Key Audiences

Before rolling out a new product or updating your brand, turn to likely consumers to hear their feedback, preferences, and satisfaction. Listening to the consumer can save time, money and energy, and increases profits and customer satisfaction levels.
We can help you identify and target highly qualified consumers, through variables such as geography, age, or shopping and utilization habits. We will identify the issues that matter to them, to make your products and services even stronger.
Business-to-Business surveys can present a challenge in that the respondents we want to hear from are busy at work. Every contact is valuable, and every attempt is made to contact the respondents when it is convenient to them. Our professional fielders know how to pursue a contact to maximize participation, thus ensuring the most actionable results to the client.
Business-to-Business surveys allow organizations to hear from key decision-makers and influencers. It is valuable to hear from the people who will be promoting your product in order to determine the most beneficial features, price, value, and marketing strategies.
We can help you reach:

  • Employees
  • C-Level audiences
  • Decision-makers / Influencers
  • Government / Institutional

An important element to your organization’s success is the awareness of certain audiences. Government Institutional agencies can play a key role in that, and we can gather feedback from them regarding their awareness, perceptions, and support of your organization or the issues you champion. Government / Institutional studies help you understand the best positioning for your organization or cause, as well as the key supporters and contacts in the agencies.
Media & Other Hard To Reach Audiences
Whatever the audience you’re trying to connect with, Riley Research has the experience and expertise to reach those key audiences, through a variety of methods.